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Our Lean/Six Sigma Certification classes are an overall plan of changing the way we work to remain competitive in today’s world markets. There are five components to our sessions, and understanding them is important to being focused on improving your business every day:


Our Lean/Six Sigma Certification Classes also help teach top-tiered executives (as well as associate corporate leaders) the 8 types of waste affecting their bottom line. 

These in-depth, application-oriented workshops allow participants to directly apply the Lean and Six Sigma principles and quantify their effects on an organization's productivity, profitability, and ROI.

Yellow Belt Certification Training

August 2017

Monogram Foods (On-Site), WI

White Belt Certification

The Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma


This is your opportunity to learn the foundation of the premier business methodology used at Fortune 500 companies across the country!  This program provides an overview of the basic Lean and Six Sigma methodologies (5S, the 8 types of waste, and others), and prepares you for advancement into Yellow, Green, Maroon, Black, and Master Black Belt programs.


To learn more, click on the White Belt.

Prerequisite:  None

Duration:  4 hour class

Yellow Belt Certification

The Yellow Belt certification is designed for executives who wish to lead winning teams with optimal efficiency.  Through four progressive lean thinking applications, participants will be able to determine profit or loss by actually conducting business operations from a supplier through manufacturing and distribution to a customer.  For the successful implementation of Continuous Improvement, a serious commitment and participation by the upper level management team is strongly encouraged.​

To learn more, click on the Yellow Belt.

Prerequisite:  A basic understanding of Lean/Six Sigma 

Duration:  1 week of classroom training

Green Belt Certification

Our Green Belt Certification training provides participants with specific problem-solving skills, with emphasis on methodologies like the DMAIC model or  DFSS or SPC.  Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt Certification helps the employee serve as a trained team member within the organization. More specifically it allows the Green Belt professional to work on any company project, positively impacting the bottom line and  improving the organization’s ROI. This application-oriented workshop will allow participants to directly apply Lean principles and quantify its effect on the organizations’ productivity and profitability.

To learn more, click on the Green Belt.

Prerequisite:  Yellow Belt Certification 

Duration:  2 weeks of classroom training, including succession of two classroom projects

Maroon Belt Certification

The Maroon Belt Certification program executives develop their coaching dexterity in setting Vision, Mission and Strategy and then converts them into efficient Operational plans.  In addition, it helps Executives become Ambassadors of effective change.  Major areas addressed during the workshop are: Marketing, Operations, Research & Development, Risk Management, Human Talent Development, Finance and International-Global Acquisitions.  This application-oriented workshop will allow you to discover the Leader in you!  It’s individuals who receive trophies, but it takes a team to bring home the championship. We'll prepare you to build championship teams.​

To learn more, click on the Maroon Belt.

Prerequisite:  Green Belt Certification 

Duration:  3 weeks of classroom training, including succession of three classroom projects

Black Belt Certification

Our Black Belt Certification class is a high profile, highly disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products/services consistently.  It prepares professionals to carry out proven techniques and methodologies that ultimately improve not only the bottom line, but also the overall culture of any organization, to become a World Class company.  This advanced application-oriented workshop will allow participants to directly apply Lean/Six Sigma principles and quantify its effect on your organization's productivity and profitability, thus achieving and sustaining Operational Excellence.

To learn more, click on the Black Belt.

Prerequisite:  Maroon Belt Certification 

Duration:  4 weeks of classroom training, including succession of four classroom projects

Master Black Belt Certification

Our Black Belt Certification class is the top-tiered session designed for world-class leaders.

Prerequisite:  Black Belt Certification with proven project savings over $1,000,000.

Duration:  4 weeks of classroom training, including succession of multi-million dollar classroom project.


To learn more, click on the Master Black Belt.

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