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Maroon Belt Certification Class

Maroon Belt Certification Class

The Lean-Six Sigma Maroon Belt training sharpens the Leadership skills of the Executive team.  It helps Executives develop their coaching dexterity in setting Vision, Mission and Strategy and then converts them into efficient Operational plans.  In addition, it helps Executives become Ambassadors of effective change.  Major areas addressed during the workshop are: Marketing, Operations, Research & Development, Risk Management, Human Talent Development, Finance and International-Global Acquisitions.  This application-oriented workshop will allow you to discover the Leader in you.  A Leader is the professional with the artistic charisma to influence others to follow willingly in doing something positive.  It’s individuals who receive trophies, but it takes a team to bring home the championship. You will learn how to build championship teams.​

    3 week course, including the successful completion of three classroom projects.

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