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6 Things to Look For in a Six Sigma Trainer

Choosing a LEAN/Six Sigma trainer can be daunting. After all, you're charged with trimming fat in your organization, so you certainly don't want to waste your time with a bad training experience. In over 25 years of implementing these practices around the globe, I have seen many false starts because of poor training that do nothing more than frustrate everyone involved. Here are my top six things you should look for when vetting any continuous improvement trainer.

1. Is your mind back at work during the course?

You went to a green belt course and while you were there, you could sense your email inbox filling up, as it always does when you are out. Were you glancing at your phone and ripping off some quick responses during the course? If you are at a training that allows you time to respond to emails, you're in the wrong training.

2. Are you waiting for the next break because you're thinking about a Snickers?

If you have time for your mind to wander to the snacks that might be offered during a break, you are in the wrong course. You should be mentally engaged, getting excited about the how you are going to implement this at your company, and be a hero.

3. Are you suffering from PowerPoint fatigue?

Have you been taking out your phone or Ipad to take pictures of the slides thinking you'll remember what they were about later? Have you been sitting the whole time staring at the screen while the instructor does little more than read off those slides? This should be energizing - and rarely are slide decks inspiring.

4. Has the Instructor gotten you out of your seat?

If you have been sitting the whole time, you definately have the wrong course. You're trying to learn ways to revolutionize how your company operates, and revolutions do not happen while sitting. You should be working on excercises and techniques that you can take back and use right away.

5. Did the Instructor learn anything about you?

You're at the beginning of this process and you need someone who can mentor you. How can that happen if the instructor doesn't take the time to learn about you and your situation?

6. Did you have fun?

Training should be fun. That is how it sticks. Being charged with leading radical changes in your organization is a great opportunity, and you should leave the sessions feeling motivated and hungry for more.

If you are seeking any level of cerification in Lead/Six Sigma, or even if you just want to speak about what the process entails, give us a call.

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