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Choosing a Lean/Six Sigma Trainer

You've just had a talk with your supervisor or manager and you were told that you would have growth opportunities if you were up to speed on LEAN practices. So you went back to your desk and Googled "Lean Six Sigma Training". And you didn't know what to do.

One of the most challenging things about getting certified is that there doesn't seem to be any governing body that vets the trainers. If you are going to spend your precious time - not to mention your company's money - going through the certification process, how do you know you're getting the best?

Experience and results are the keys. You need to find a trainer that has hands-on experience and proven results. Oscar Estrada, MBB, has over 25 years of experience in LEAN practices. He earned his Master Black Belt in 2001 while working for a tier one supplier in the automotive industry. The plant was scheduled to close and he was able to reduce inventory by 68% which allow them to keep the plant open, saving 800 jobs. Estrada was featured in an article about innovations in American manufacturing because of the work he did at Dorel Industries. His work there kept good paying jobs at US plants rather than moving them to Mexico.

He now uses his talents to train others.

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